Best College Student Laptop

11 Aug

In modern generation laptop has become a necessity for people under every generation. School kids, young college goers and professionals look out for cost effective and product innovative laptops. College goers want to have the best laptops available so that their assignments can be completed at a given point of time, sometimes via internet various college papers of past years can be readily accessible, live streaming of music can be downloaded at a faster pace, wide range of games can be installed in their machines without jamming down the motherboard to a bigger extent. While considering all this aspects money does play a major role and hence we will look out for the best laptops available under a price value of US$1000.


This laptop is bulkier in nature and the framework is definitely thicker than the standard laptops that are available in the market. The machine has a mechanical hard drive but does not possess a SSD. It has a third generation “Intel Core i5-3317U processor” and the hard disk contains a memory of 500GB. Few downers do remain on this set and one of them being the keyboard which has “Chiclet” feel to it; and the navigation keys and backspace are really small in size. In addition to this the resolution is glossy in nature but what saves the day is the bright backlight that stands out to draw us in to the screen than around it. The laptop is available at a suggested price of around US$800.


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